princess cupcakes

It’s Lyd’s birthday and she requested for real cupcakes instead of the squiggly looking thing I drew on her scraps of paper. I obliged. I can’t turn down any excuse to bake. Not even when I can offhandedly list 100 or so things that occupy a higher priority right now (or I’d find myself with a ruined future and a lifetime of I-told-you-so’s).

Baking. My kryptonite.

So, just as Superman has his red underpants for luck in those tricky situations, I have cake mix!

Lyd's birthday cupcakes

You may think that professionals who deal with lives and state-of-the-art medical equipments are more than capable of throwing together cupcakes from a box of cake mix. Well, most of them are. Just not this one. I made some blunders along the way.

Sacrificing one of my tragically over-baked, almost burnt cupcakes.

Lyd's birthday cupcakes

You see, Lyd specifically wanted gorgeous princess-y cupcakes. And she love pink. I didn’t have time for anything fancy but I don’t want to be too sloppy either, especially since it’s a request from the birthday girl. That provides me with the perfect excuse to jazz things up with a bit of food coloring (I’m beginning to think that my life is built around excuses). I’m normally a little cautious adding artificial chemicals into edibles.

And with a whole reckless lot of frosting

I give you…

Lyd's birthday cupcakes

Lyd’s Princess Cupcakes!

Hope she likes them.

On a side note, I think I make better cupcakes from cake mix than from scratch. I’m not crazy about the taste (I’m never crazy about white cakes) but I adore the fluffiness with their perfect domes and smooth surfaces.

This is depressing.



  1. I think these look elegant!

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