the days I forgot to be thankful

quotations - thankful

Sometimes (or in full honesty, more frequent than I’d care to admit), I forget how blessed I am.



  1. Liyue said

    Hey! Moved again?! I love your cupcake pictures! Yes, life is beautiful, and this beauty is in the little things everyday.

    Happy Monday!

    • blurpy said

      Hey Liyue! How’s life in the States? Been popping by your blog. Sounds fun. I’m jealous that you get to catch ‘wicked’ on Broadway!

  2. Liyue said

    hihi! Loving it here. Hope you will be able to join me here soon!

    Actually, looking at how lively the arts scene in Sg is becoming, I’ve no doubt tt Wcked will come to Sg pretty soon. Just a matter of time. =D

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